The Settings area is where you can change any Organization-level rules or permissions. Settings will apply to all users.


Organization Name

If you want to change the name of your Class Organization, enter the new name here, and click “Save Settings”.

Support Email

Enter the email address of the person who is the main support contact for your license, and click “Save Settings”.

Billing Email

Enter the email address of the person whom VoiceThread should contact regarding any financial transactions for your license, and click “Save Settings”.


By default, all of your members will receive email notifications whenever new comments are made on their VoiceThreads. If you don’t want your members to receive those notifications, you can toggle these settings to “off”. Individuals can still enable their own notifications individually if they want to continue receiving them.

Resource Allocation

Automatically give students export credits so that you don’t have to allocate these resources manually. Click here for more details.

Organizational Restrictions

Prevent students from publishing VoiceThreads:
This option allows you to prevent students from making their VoiceThreads public. Students would be unable to select “Allow anyone to view” and “Allow anyone to comment” in the Publishing Options for their VoiceThreads. When student publishing is not allowed, you will still have the option to publish student work manually on a case-by-case basis using your Pro Educator account.

Media Sources Restrictions

Prevent students from importing images from any of the listed media sources.

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