Getting around in a VoiceThread

From an open VoiceThread, you can listen to comments, record comments of your own, and even access the settings for that VoiceThread.


  1. Click on a person’s Identity image to listen to that person’s comment
  2. Click the play button to begin playing the VoiceThread.  All comments on this slide will play in order.
  3. Use the timeline to scrub through the various comments on this slide. Hover over a specific segment of timeline to see more information about the corresponding comment.
  4. Record a new comment.
  5. See the full duration of this slide and where you are within it.
  6. Use the arrows to view other slides.
  7. Use the postcard viewer to see all slides in this VoiceThread at once.
  8. Zoom in or out.
  9. Click the menu icon to access more information and settings for this VoiceThread.
  10. See the title of this slide.  If the author has added a link, the title will be underlined, and you can click on it to be taken to that link in a new browser tab.
  11. See which Identity you’re currently using and click on it to select a different one.
  12. Turn on closed captioning for this slide if it is a video and if captions have been added.
  13. View the VoiceThread in fullscreen mode.
  14. Close the VoiceThread.

Click here to learn about keyboard shortcuts.

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